Can Someone Explain This to Me?

I can name a 101 reasons why the court systems and jails are screwed up but I’m only going to give you a few of my personal reasons:

  1. they slap the hands of people, both male and female, who are behind in child support (come on now you knew I was going to come with that one!)
  2. it’s not about what you did but how much money you can pay the judge, jury, and lawyer to be acquitted, especially celebrities
  3. they allow child molesters to serve lesser sentences than drug dealers & that’s only if the prisoner lasts long enough to finish their sentence cause you know what they do to child molesters up in the joint. Speaking of child molesters they truly need a better system. Instead of putting the responsibility on the accused to register themselves once they are out a universal database should be created across the board where their name is entered as soon as they are convicted. That’s like putting a crack pipe in front of a crack head and ordering them not to take a hit &
  4. why the HELL are they, whoever they are probably the Illuminati or something, is fussing over the reading material in the prisons?!

I know that last one tripped you up didn’t it? But considering I am a writer and an obsessive compulsive reader, I’m feelin’ some type of way about this lack of books in prisons!

Let me clarify something before I go on. In no way am I condoning what the prisoners are in for, we not gone make that the main focus alright? We good? Cool.

I’m reading this non-fiction book about how women across the U.S. are turning to books to better themselves, entertain themselves, or relate to a character. That should not be a crime should it? What else is there to do but twiddle your thumbs, eat, shit and play some spades with a stomach full of dry bologna sandwiches? It’s not like they going somewhere! Damn, that was wrong what I said uh?

Anywho, the reasoning behind not allowing literature other than the Bible and the legal system to cross the threshold of the Women’s prisons is because (now hold your breath!) they feel a prisoner should not become smart. I mean God forbid if a prisoner ends up with a different and better outlook on life and is taking responsibility for what they done. I could see banning college courses, but books? It’s funny (well not really funny per se) that back in the 1800s when the penal system was kicked off and the prisoners were mostly white due to the fact that blacks were still slaves and got punished from their masters, the government brought in librarians to teach the inmates and brought in loads of books that sat on the shelves of the prison library like it was a university library! They (dang those powers that be) strongly felt that rehabilitation was the key for when the prisoners were released back into society.

What changed? The skin got darker, that’s what happened. Now all of a sudden it is a problem to read a book? Having violent or sexual content is not going to taint their already messed up and violent minds – hello! they are in jail for a reason! My point to this reading ish is I do not feel it is smart to take away these women’s reading rights especially for those women who are doing short bids. These same women will come out with even more of a scewed outlook which will result in repeating what they did to get locked up. If there is an opportunity for these incarcerated women to develop an esteem and have resources that will help them, as well as their families, get adjusted once they are released back into society. All they are doing is creating a domino effect, subjecting more families to the wrath of these prisoners.

Think about it, what are they afraid of? Really? Shouldn’t they be more afraid of what is in those law books? Plenty of inmates are in prison because of bad representation from some whack ass cornball of a lawyer who was more money hungry than justice hungry. Giving them access to study the different laws will only spark the prisoner to challenge the sentence and system resulting in them possibly getting out. But of course the Big Wigs was not smart enough for that kind of thinking, uh? They are too busy jacking off somewhere to change ish that will make the systems better across the board for all cultures – period!

Tell me what you think about this foolery. Unfortunately women are catching up statistically with the male prisoners when it comes to arrests.

And yes if – and that is a big if – the women are guilty of the heinous crimes they were put in prison for they deserve to be punished however taking away simple pleasures such as reading especially if the prisoner bought the books with their own money will only cover the real issue at hand which is why the women felt the need to commit crimes in the first place! Doing nothing in these prisons is only letting them marinate in their own anger juices.

Should secular books be completely banned from prisons?


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