Does Anyone Carry a Library Card Anymore?

I ask this because I basically live at the library and I consider myself a pretty observant person. And what I have noticed is there are a lot of people at my library. The majority are young.

I’ve noticed that all of those young people rarely have a book in their hands. As a matter of fact I’ve never seen any of them with a book come to think about it. But boy they be on those computers visiting sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (the devil sight if you ask me. More celebrities have gotten in more trouble with Twitter than a lil’ bit!).

Actually I really should be asking do these loud mouthed, grungy, disrespectful something or anothers use their library card other than scanning the card’s barcode to lock a spot on a computer? The way they talk sometimes, I highly doubt it! I don’t even know where they come from, they are like roaches that finds this place that has bomb azz food – once they come they will not leave. Some look young enough to be my child and I’m only 31!

Why is it so hard to pick up a book these days? You would think the little rectangle shaped plastic card was cyanide and using it would burn the DNA off their fingerprints if used for what it’s really for. And this is our future? Damn…(head shake inserted here). I wanna know do you, yeah you, have and use a library card?


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