I Really Need a Wish Right Now…

To all of you closet writers (writers too embarrassed to tell anyone about their dreams of becoming a writer), aspiring writers, part-time writers, whatever you claim to be, this contest is for you.

WordHustler.com along with TheNervousBreakdown.com are collaborating together for the Page-To-Screen Contest. Any subject matter a.k.a. genre is accepted. It must be around 30 pgs. Listen to this, the Grand prize winner gets a Featured Author Slot on TheNervousBreakdown.com site, a Kindle, and Final Draft Software that could be helpful for future works. The Bonus Prize for the top 10 recipients will be read and considered for screen adaptation by a panel of four Entertainment Industry Executives!

Can you imagine your ish on a movie or television screen? I can because I was told to speak ish into existence and that would be my ultimate goal, well one of many goals that I have for this writing career.

Slide on over to http://www.WordHustler.com to get more details. I know I’m going to submit so yall might see my ish somewhere in a minute. With that being said I need to go handle that cause the deadline is December 15th, 2010.

Good luck. Peace & Love


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