Woo-hoo for Lulu!

As a person who is a writer eBooks are the next best thing since Now & Laters were created. You know why? Cause a bish is ballin’ on a budget and LuLu.com allows me and everyone else to publish their writing without burning a hole in your pockets. No I’m serious. Go ahead and write something then:

#1 n the Publish section, click the ‘eBooks’ button.

#2 Click the ‘Start your eBook‘ button.

#3 Enter a title and author name. Select your project’s availability. Click the ‘Save &

#4 Continue’ button (any of these options can be changed at anytime).

#5 Upload the file you want to use by clicking the ‘browse’ button, searching your computer for the file you want to use and then clicking the ‘Upload’ button.

#6 If you upload multiple files to create an eBook, you will have to select a size for Lulu to create your eBook.

#7 Click the ‘Make Download-Ready File’ button to convert your file into an eBook.

#8 Download and preview your file and then click the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

#9 Create your cover and click the ‘Make Cover’ button. Then click the ‘Save & Continue’ button after the page reloads. Learn how to create a cover here and see What the eBook cover for.

#10 Fill in the Description fields and click the ‘Save & Continue’ button

#11 Set the price for your eBook and click the ‘Review Project’ button (eBooks with DRM cannot be offered for free).

#12 Review your project. Click the ‘Change’ button for any section that needs adjustment. If everything is to your liking click the ‘Save & Finish’ button.

Ta-dah! That’s it! And it’s free – you got that part right? Lulu does take 20% out of your sales but damn you really can’t beat that!

The reason I chose Lulu.com to publish my novel called White Lies instead of another place is not necessarily because I don’t have to pay to create the book but they offer a boo-coo of services to help with any publishing need that you may have. If you wanna switch from the eBook format to the physical format they have packages you can check out. They have editing, design, distributors for publishers such as myself, I mean the ish is bananas!

Yes I know I’m pluggin’ the hell out of this company. Am I getting paid for it? I wish but hell naw! I’m just trying to help you come up out of your situation – take you to the next level without breaking your pockets. I will offer this very important bit of info. Always check up on shit. Lulu may not be for you. You might do some investigating and realize you wanna go a different route. Don’t settle on a company cause I said so, I don’t need hate mail sent to me claiming I told you to go thru Lulu! I ain’t Oprah. Bottom line, at the end of the day do what makes more money multiply in your pockets.

Peace and Love
And go get my eBook White Lies on Lulu.com


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