Thug Motivation 101…

Class in in session. What’s the topic of the day? Didn’t you see the title? Yeah that M word. Writers have at one point had to dig deeper in getting excited to write about something. I’ve had to deal with it once or twice however I realized that when I allow myself to stray due to the distractions of my life: family, unflattering and annoying ass situations, sex… Although sex is an excellent distraction but I twisted it around to be a plus. I know I need to hit up Tiger Woods on that subject. But it works because the first thing people ask me when I tell them I write books is, do you have sex scenes? Come on now, I’m a Gemini what you think?

As great as sex is don’t let it be your only motivator unless that is your goal to be the next Zane. If that’s the direction you are trying to take then do you by all means. Still motivation is not all about what subjects you are writing about but what makes you write – period. My number one thing is that I make myself write everyday. You do this and it will become natural or habitual like brushing your teeth and don’t let me catch any one of yall saying you don’t brush your teeth on the regular, that’s just nasty!

But seriously write everyday. You can only get better. Don’t know what to write about, it doesn’t matter. Long as you’re writing you good. Write about your damn day. I know I get my book ideas from average conversations, it don’t have to be about the conversation but a word being said creates a wave of crazy ideas. That alone will motivate me. If you really can’t get out of whatever funk you are in to write then either you need to 1) up your meds for your bipolar or 2) realize that this is not what you were meant to do. Hey, truth hurts sometimes.

Everyone think they have THE BOOK in their heads. I’m gone need them to go to bed cause not everyone can and should write. Don’t insult me, please and thank you. you need a ghostwriter ay I got you, email me at Other than that, stick to your day job.

Another way to gain motivation is your everyday situation. Right now I live in the same house I was raised in so you can say I am mentally and physically in the same place I started life in. My car just decided to clunk out and my water heater has busted so I’m going back to the ol’ school also the vinyl siding on the back of my house has decided to pack up and leave. All this has motivated my ass to continue to write. Everybody’s situation is not the same but look around you. Are you comfortable? If not – change your situation.

Peace and Love!


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