Will the Real iPad Please Stand Up!

Ok so I was watching the news and a story caught my attention. Apple recently debut their iPad which allows a person to do pretty much whatever their hearts content like they do on the laptops. Only it’s a touchscreen and slick so you don’t have to be weighed down.

Apparently another smaller company in Japan has opened their mouths to proclaim that they are the originators of the iPad and that Apple has stolen their idea causing them to be embarrassed by their loyal customers and businesses.

I feel them on this. Just imagine if I have just started my publishing company and create this next big thing only to have a competitor like Amazon or Simon &; Schuster come and take the blueprint right out of my hands, create it then debut it before I do; making me look like a copy cat. The smaller company is planning on fighting this and of course Apple did not want to comment on the whole situation. I can’t wait to see how that pans out. Realistically I know there is no way that company will stand against a conglomerate like Apple simply because it’s Apple. I’m for sure Apple will write a pretty big fat check to shut them up. Do I think that it’s fair?

Hell no, but unfortunately that’s the way businesses is ran. Every man for themselves. It’s a shame since over half of the businesses are small, independent businesses. It’s what is keeping the economy running.

I will say that if Apple did steal this company’s idea just to stay ahead of the game I will lose a little respect for them. (not a lot though)

This did remind me of the 10 ways you can be and remain successful. (No I’m not about to tell you to sell your soul to the devil like the Illuminati) The rules is Diddy’s own rules. I know Diddy is viewed in my eyes and plenty of other people as the biggest asshole in the world but I got to give the brotha his hustle props. That fool is bringing in some serious paper each year so apparently he knows what he is talking about:

1. Work hard. Then work harder. The difference between me is you is I’M working when YOU’RE sleeping!! When you think you’ve done enough for the day, KEEP GOING!!

2. Believe. Never lose your faith!!! Only YOU can make the impossible possible…so prove the world wrong! BELIEVE!

3. Count your pennies. Yeah, it’s that dirty money!!! But you don’t get rich from blowing it….spend your money wisely &; question EVERY business move you make. Be smart people!

4. Be humble. Remember your roots & what your mother told you. She’s still right!!

5. Listen. Choose the people in your life carefully &; surround yourself with artists &; experts at their craft….then listen to what they have to say. They’re the ones who will help you on the way to the top.

6. Love. Leave room every day to LOVE and be LOVED!!!

7. Don’t make the same mistake twice. There are no second chances. Period.

8. Never settle. Take the words “good enough” out of your vocabulary!!! Be the best or don’t play at all!

9. Be confident. Stay humble, but be confident. Keeping your head down won’t get you anywhere….don’t be afraid to step on some toes!!!

10. Don’t get comfortable. The minute you let your guard down, someone newer, younger, and thirstier is waiting to take your place.

Another point to put in is that there are bootleg iPads that vendors in Japan and China that are selling the fake ones. Be careful to not pay for them. Even though it’s in China, it doesn’t mean they can’t come over here to sell you one of those bootleg iPads. Just cause it’s cheaper doesn’t make it good quality. Check ish out before you invest in one. Where I’m from anything bootleg that’s messed up, you minds well forget trying to get a refund cause the seller’s are never in the same spot twice. They are like crackheads I swear. Do your work or you will get what you pay for that’s all I’m saying.

Peace and Love!


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