A Lesson Learned

I’m a little sad because I did not sell any of my books like I thought I would. I don’t know if it’s because people think I suck, or the price was too high or they just did not give a damn but it’s alright because I’m not staying this way for long. It’s a learning experience for me. I know one of my mistakes was expecting someone I know to buy my book, you know out of support, pity, yada, yada! I know that next project I will focus more on networking with people that are interested in reading good books and will give me feedback on how to I can better my writing. This is the point of this blog so that you do not make the same mistakes that I’m making. Number one thing to focus on is marketing and networking. It goes a long way when you network with the right people and be passionate about your product. You have to sell yourself first before you can get someone to purchase your product/service. I learned that by watching Donald Trump.

Also you are who you decide to keep in your company. If you want to  become a boss, you need to hang around with bosses. If you about making money, be around others who is doing that so that  you have the motivation to get yours. I love hustlas because they make me grind harder with what I’m trying to do. I recently read in another person’s blog that many stars who are entrepreneurs have a selected group of money making bosses. If one falls down you have someone else in the group to help you up. If you are the only one in the group making money, what happens when you lose your ish?! You all fall down, then what? You all look like idiots. That’s bad business!

Peace and Love


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