We Are All Waiting for Superman

I am a mother. I am a writer. I am an advocate for my children and others. In that little list I did not mention being a celebrity. But I do have a channel to get information out and that is this site among other channels, Facebook, YouTube, etc. And so I will be speaking out on something I’m very passionate about besides writing – education.

This week the news shows have been in a buzz about the state of the education in America. I’m excited about it and I will pledge to do more to make sure we as a community improve this dwindling unorganized system.

I live in the hood so I see kidz who are lacking good education on the regular. Kidz who can recite the hottest rap songs on the radio (i.e. toot it and boot it, Pretty Boy Swag, even Massive Attack from my girl Nicki Minaj) but cannot hold an intelligible conversation without curse words being sprinkled into their sentences.

My problem? That these kidz have waaaayyyyy too much time on their hands. And that obviously do not have a solid support system at home or in school. You wanna get mad at me for saying this, personally my dear I do not give a damn! I refuse to contribute absolutely nothing to this situation. It’s not fair that our kidz are being force fed bullshit! We can build great conglomerate businesses, social networks, and the best technological such and such but our educational system suffers and is getting worse by the year! this is my personal opinion but I know for a fact I’m not the only one who feels this way. I will not spend this post to point a finger at someone in particular and play the blame. My goal is the same as Oprah, the creator of this movie, Mr. Canada and cornered parents – create a forum to allow people to communicate and bounce ideas off each other.

What I feel need to be addressed:

1The lack of energy toward the subjects that are supposed be taught. Kidz intelligence are being measured by test scores more than anything else. Basically me and you are sending our kidz to school to learn how to test. Really? Are you serious? I am a horrible test taker, that does not mean I’m dumb even though the system seems to think so.

2Teachers morals. Teachers are pressured so hard to get their students to score good well on tests that a scary but true movement have been created. Teachers are giving out test ansers to their students! And they are not even scared to hide it either! What kind of ignorant ish is that? These kidz are bing punked! Teachers are being threatened that they will lose their job if they do not do this. I know it’s hard out there for a pimp but teachers you need to stop being scared into submission. Have some moral sense!

3They (whoever they are). The first to be affected by cuts are the educational system. Last year in Fort Wayne 1 high school was closed down making Wayne school more populated. This year six high schools are being closed. Where are all of these kidz going to go? Overcrowding is not even the right word to use for this, but they (I’ll be damn if I stamp my name on this ish) spend a huge chunk of tax payers money to build a damn baseball field, an attached restaurant along with condos in our downtown area. The team still suck no matter what kind of field they have! Granted it did create some jobs in the area but if they keep closing schools down our kidz will be too stupid to work at these places!

4. Parents. I know that to raise kidz today parents are required to work outside of the home; long hours too! But if you honestly cannot advocate for your children then you need to be five finger slapped! Look at your kidz right now. Go ahead, look. Those faces are our future. Just like you invest your money so that later on in life when you retire you can happily sit on a nice stack of money, invest in your kidz.

So Ms. Talia since you think you know what’s wrong with the school system what do we do to correct this problem? I do not have all of the answeres smart ass! I will however give some suggestions that will get the ball rolling:

1.  Be involved in your child’s school. Teachers and the principals should not see your face just at school functions. The teachers and administrators knows my name and face. I can point them out if I was to see them outside of the school grounds – can you do the same? Get their email addresses, phone numbers, hell facebook them! Do whatever you can to keep in contact with them. They don’t like giving out that information? Tell them to get off of their high horse and deal with it, it’s in their contract!

2.  Know how your child learns. This is important. As I said earlier I’m terrible at tests. I’m a visual learner. I cannot sit still at a desk and listen to a lecture. I have to see what you’re teaching. Every kid learns differently. Their skin complexion does not change the way they learn so don’t let them forece feed you that bullshit either. Once you figure out how your kid learn, accomodate them, ask their teacher if they can switch up teaching styles every once in awhile.

3. Fight for longer school days. I did not sneak this one in just to have an excuse to get rid of yours or my bad azz kidz, seriously they need those extra hours to learn. Other countries are higher up on the education scale for a reason. In the U.S. schools are finding every stupid azz reason to shorten school dayz and terms. This has to stop!

4. Stop this lottery ish! Whatever these ‘top schools’ are doing to their schools should be done across the board! No if, ands, or buts people! Get it together! I know this is easier said than done, but neither is anything worth attaining in life! Bad azz kidz, minorities, poor kidz have the same damn rights as the bougie, trust fund kidz, you feel what I’m saying? Commit to changing this! Tell one parent who will tell another parent about solutions, just like how gossip is spread. Take an hour out of your pay or week to tutor, or read to students. That hours adds up -trust me! We feel like we have to take on this problem in its entirety. Once small step at a time.

My point to this post is to become an advocate for kidz of this time. We can change this foolery.

Peace and Love


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