I Finally Boarded the Twitter Train!

A bish has graduated to Twitter! And if you have read any of my past posts you know that I swear twitter is the devil! Yes damnit, the Devil himself stepped out of his burning inferno, tweaked his horns a little and said ‘ta-da’ I will create a way for bored ass people to type their every move so I can take control of their minds and rule the world with my sidekick Pinky!

I mean come on, look at 2010 alone. How many celebrities have gotten in trouble with that damn site! The word bitchassness became evident and it was not from the females! I’m really going to need these supposed men to look in their lil’ tighty whiteys to make sure their balls are in tacked. Cause really? Ooooh you men are killing me! I really think, no know that 90% of celebrities should have their phones taken away!

However being the businesswoman that I am I know that Twitter is not going anywhere and that this can and will help me take my products to a new level. And not even for my own personal advancement but to be connected to everybody, to see what’s poppin’; the social media networking is bangin’! So I’m taking advantage while I can.

To be continued…


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