I Wonder…. (life does imitate art)

Recently I had an interesting thing happen to me. I was riding on the bus with my 2 kidz sitting behind me when a young couple (black man, white woman) got on. They sat diagonally from me so they can see me at all times. She had her baby with her and as we are riding I start to notice this chick kissing her baby and then look my way with the smart lil’ grin. I automatically think I’m tripping but my HD glasses saw it. I almost laughed but I kept it moving. Then an idea spawned in my head. Society has focused so much on the reasons why black men don’t wanna date black women (you heard of them, we’re bitches, not submissive enough, don’t go down, etc., etc) Well what do the other players say about this whole thing? I mean they have to know the reasons right unless they live under a rock. Do they feel superior over black women or do they feel we are overreacting? And what’s their self-esteem like? Cause if I knew the black man I am dating is only with me because I am easy I would be offended! Why would you wanna be apart of that? Basically if you were you but had brown skin many black men would not fuck with you?

So with that being said I decided to create a fiction story about this subject. It’s a story with a black man and white woman. He gets involved with a white woman after he gasses her up with why her race is soooo much better than black women. She falls into his trap and gets involved with fights trying to defend her man. As the story goes situations make them realize the real reason why are in this relationship. This story will touch on many other subjects but the race card is the domineering subject.

I will like to say that my intentions on this project is not to bash black men cause I luv them. I just want to open up dialogue and eyes about this subject and make women of all races realize the love within themselves as cheesy as it sounds. Don’t dumb down and settle just because a man has told you that you are better than a whole race. It’s not healthy and is not a strong foundation to build on, you feel me? And why would anyone want to date someone who disrespect women or a race? Is this what you want for your daughters?

Anywho that’s my story idea. I literally have it all in my head I just need a pad of paper and a pen to write it down on. But before I do I really would like to hear your take on this subject, especially non black women. Do you feel superior and if so, why? Do you accept the reasons behind why black men date outside of their race?

Peace and Love


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