Lower Prices, Better Sales (hey, it works for Wal-Mart)

As I sat flipping thru my phone to check on my emails since I couldn’t do it on my laptop since I do not get a Wi-Fi signal at home I came across an email from Lulu.com – the same site that I used to publish my first ebook White Lies. It offered a new application which allows me to sell my book at  a discount.

Why the hell would I wanna do that, you ask? Walmart was onto something when they offered the lowest prices because it got people to buy more often but also to buy in bulk. And since I know I have a great product I am confident that if I name the right price I will reap the benefits in the long run. It’s always good to think about the future when you’re making business decisions in the present. So I have lowered ‘White Lies’ to a nice little affordable price of $3.60. So go and purchase it, the holiday season is here anyway so got buy 10!

Peace and Love


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