Can iPads really replace books in schools?

Ok I happened to watch my local news the other day and a disturbing segment came on. A nearby elementary school has decided that they would replace the recommended curriculum books with iPad. Technology is a beautiful thing, how else do we eliminate cancer, create better rides, yada, yada, yada? Technology. But replacing something such as school books? Isn’t that doing too much? What happened to if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? I can find a hundred and one reasons why this idea is not good but I only have time to tell you a few:

1.  My kidz break everything! One year for Christmas I bought them all electronics. Guess what? Not even six months later all of it was broken. Boy I wanted to break their necks for that one! I know my kidz are not the only ones that breaks stuff. Do they understand how much these iPads cost? And who is expected to pay for these iPads? Who supposed to pay for them if they break?

My suggestion? Take that money and re-open the six schools that they are closing at the end of this school year in our city! Screw the logistics, just get it done!

2. They will create lazy followers instead of intelligent leaders. Ok so you give them iPads, and then they completely forget how to go to the library, relax for a minute. Kidz these days are so pressured to be the best, to compete as Olympians compete, to accept nothing but first place!

My suggestion? Take some of that electronic ish out of your kidz life and do something with them that will actually make them use their minds and be creative! And stop being lazy azz parents as well! Obesity! Have you heard of it? I’m just saying.

Like I said technology is great when used in moderation. Yes this generation has better opportunities than even I had growing up but some things need to stay put. I really think that the educational system is getting hit hard in this country. Forget outsourcing (not the lame azz show on NBC) to other countries, sooner or later they are going to be brought over here to run what our kidz are supposed to run but are too stupid to run. Hate me if you want for speaking the truth, but it is what it is! People need to get it together before someone else does it for us!





Peace and Love & please go see the movie Waiting for Superman!


2 thoughts on “Can iPads really replace books in schools?

  1. School Books says:

    This is a really difficult question for me as most of the books that I read would make really difficult to follow movies. School Books

    • Yes, most books that I read would be difficult to put in a movie format. You have to really be a talented writer as well as director to pull it off. The only one I can say that has successfully done that is the Harry Potter series. I know, I’m a big kid. thanks 4 ur comment!

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