Update on what I’m up to

As I posted recently I had if you wanna call it, an epiphany over a week ago where I was on the bus with an interracial couple who the young white girl eyeing me as if she was a) she was making sure I wasn’t oogling her man and/or b) letting me know ‘ha-ha I have a black man and you don’t!’ I’m serious. It was only us so I know she wasn’t looking at someone else. It got me thinking if white or any other ethnicity have any negative feelings toward black women and how we ‘supposedly’ cannot get black men to commit to us? Not saying all ethnic women think this way but I thought it would be a great fiction book so of course I’m capitalizing on the idea.

I got a twitter response to my question from an interracial magazine saying ‘why would white women feel that way toward black women? I don’t understand the purpose of this question?’

Look my goal as a writer is to push the envelope. I want to be like how Spike Lee was to movies. I want to take urban lit to another realistic level. I mean we have the audience now lets give them something a hell of a lot more, you feel me? Readers will walk away from my books saying Damn. Or start conversations about things that are going on around us.

I also wanna make it clear that the stories I create are not always my views. I feel that a writer who sticks to writing only on what they feel is right will eventually get frustrated after doing this method. How do you find material? Society does that for us so unless you live under a rock material is everywhere, just open your eyes and pay attention!

As far as the story I did 4 chapters and then I scrapped them because I didn’t like the characters. Now I think I got a good thing going. I am working all day so expect this project to come out sooner than you think.

Peace and Love


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