A Need for This to be Addressed

I managed to slide on over to a site that I’ve been trying to get on for the longest but couldn’t because one downfall to using a company’s wi-fi signal is that they have the right to deny you access to different websites. Clicking over to it I can kind of figure out why they did ban this website but this is not the point of my post today.

The site is Interracial-Love.com and the name says it all of what is about but I read this one comment on a post that was recently posted. The point of the post was to show a letter that a black woman wrote about why black men date white woman. I won’t go into the details because we all know what those ‘supposed’ ridiculous reasons so I don’t need to repeat them here. But his one black woman went in hard on the list and honestly it made me a little sad because clearly this woman is not educated enuf and apparently have been hurt by a couple of black men or white women in the past.

But what caught my attention was a comment from this lady (obviously black) who basically reiterated what the woman has said but took it to another level saying that a real black man only dates black women and they know how to treat us like the Queens that we are, yada, yada, yada. Me being who I am (a very blunt chick that loves controversy) I commented on her particular post. I told this woman that she was an angry black woman who needs to get a grip! I’m tired of all these black woman saying that black men need to treat us like the Queens we are (I agree) but do not say anything on what they are doing to uplift our brothas! They go on and on about why white women are this and why white woman are that but really they need to seriously look at themselves. Misery loves company and that heifa had a whole lot of misery to go around to a couple of people! lol.

That’s why I’m writing the novel that I am. I know I keep talking about but hey it’s my site and my book so it is what it is! Any way I’m still juggling around names for the book but I think I might want to call it Self-Hate because it’s dealing with every little stereotypes we hear when it comes with interracial dating and the reasoning behind a lot of them which is self-hate. I know, you love it and you want to give me a high-five! We’ll do it over the air ways.

Peace and Love


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