Networking Jackpot

I was not about to go to the library the other day and now I’m glad I did cause I came across a website that I’ve been looking for a long azz time.! I literally did a flip when I found the site (I can’t even remember how I got there but anywho). It’s crazy because I just tweeted that morning if there were really any good networking and operating on a regular basis sites. Of course no one answered because there are not many out there. A lot of the sites that were originally geared toward writers/bloggers are not functional anymore or the info is outdated or the site does not motivate the visitor enuf to come back and network, share ideas with each other, etc.

Oh which reminds me this site has an incentive where each month a blogger has the opportunity to write on a subject the site picks out and win money. Yeah I said it, money, gwoup, cash, green, benjamins, C.R.E.A.M., whatever you call it, that’s what you get. It’s a hundred dollars buy ay, that’s a hundred more in your pocket ya feel me? And more importantly you get exposure along with your blog site. Can’t beat that so go ahead and check out the website: and also as well.

Peace and Love

Preview of tomorrow’s post….

101 Websites that will definitely help you writers, beginners and seasoned vets!


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