101 Best Websites for Writers

Every year, this is new to me Writers Digest puts out a list of everything a writer (such as myself) would need to get ahead. How did I get that? I gave em my email address to get the free eBook (yes free. We all know and love anything free. We might not even want it but if someone says it’s free we will find a reason to get it!


The title is duh 101 Best Websites for Writers and it has separated the list in 9 easy sections: 1. Creativity, 2. Writing advice, 3. General resources, 4. Jobs & Markets, 5. Online Writing Communities, 6. Everything Agents, 7. Publishing/Marketing resources, 8. Genres/Niches, and 9. Just For Fun! Eleven pages, straight to the point and colorful so you do not feel like you’re reading a microwave manual or something which a lot of websites must have taken notes from. I know me personally have the attention span of a toddler so you know I need something that will maintain my attention & something that’s easy to find info.


I’ve given a few sites from each category for you to possibly check out. I have not visited everything yet but I will. As I say over and over again take the time to find websites that will help you with your writing and business needs. Have an organized plan or you will do what I have done plenty of times (still do, I hate to admit) & that is go onto the internet head first and get too overwhelmed and then angry as hell cause I didn’t get anything done for the day. One day focus on networking, another day getting material for your blog or novel, etc., etc. And be consistent with it, remember you slack up someone will come up behind you and walk, no sway they way thru the door you were suppose to go thru, you feel me.


Still not convinced? Ok, got something else for you. In the words of Jay (Jay-Z that is):

1. Grow your imagination!

2. Immerse yourself in your passion.

3. Give it your all.

4. We are all faced with ‘fork in the road’ moments.

5. Make decision to focus.

6. Discipline yourself

7. Don’t make emotional decisions.

8. Build your own buzz: “The genius thing that we did is that we didn’t give up.”

9. Recognize change and open yourself to it.

10. Stick to your area of expertise.

11. 1 + 1 = 3, get rid of your ego.

12. Over deliver on the ‘experience’.

13. A 6th grade teacher’s impact – small things can change the direction of your life.

14. Lead by example.

15. Apply yourself and stay true to who you are

16. Take control of your destiny!


Nuf said! With that being said here are those sample sites to check out from Writers Digest.



Creativewritingprompts.com – more than 300 writing prompts @ your fingertips.

Easystreetprompts.blogspot.com – offers a new image everyday to spark your imagination.



Jakonrath.blogpost.com – thriller writer J.A. Konrath shares what he’s learned in the process of becoming a successful genre writer.

Editorialass.blogspot.com (yes that is the real name) – editorial advice from a book lover & editor.

Grammer.quickanddirtytips.com – to read/listen to explanations to common grammatical.



Bookcoverarchive.com – scope out best cover designs.

Copyright.gov – self-explanatory!

Community.writersdigest.com – basically another Facebook site but for authors.



Mediabistro.com – freelancers this is your site!

Fundsforwriters.com – great source of grants, fellowships and the like.



Authonomy.com – allows you to upload your manuscript for free for critiquing.

Critiquecircle.com – online workshop for all genre fiction writers.



Aaronline.org – AAR is a great place to find prospective agents

Kidlit.com – children’s’ writer Mary Kole’s blog w/contests & advice



Authortechtips.com – this site breaks down everything into basic explanations for non-techies.

Sethgodin.typepad.com/seth_blog – learn how to promote yourself & work



Cynthialeitichsmith.blogspot.com – author Cynthia Smith offers resources for children’s’ & YA writers

Poets.org – features thousands of poetry, biographies & essays

Christianstoryteller.com – great site for Christian writers



Librarything.com – a network for book lovers to catalog & review


Again this is just a pinch of what is on the list. Have fun hunting!

Peace and Luv!


2 thoughts on “101 Best Websites for Writers

  1. Suchmaschine says:

    Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards,

    • Thank you for commenting. I just went over to one of the websites that they mentioned fundsforwriters.com and they have a lot of grants, scholarships, and loans for writers that are making this a career and need financial help. Check that out especially! Oh and thanks for the compliment.

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