This Proves that Black People Will Never Be On The Same Playing Field As Whites. (My Take on the Elections)

Do you remember when Kanye West stood next to Mr. Yeah, Baby, Yeah himself on live tv and said, “President Bush does not care about black people!”? Well Kanyeezy let me remix that comment to “The U.S. does not like having a black President anymore!” I can no longer hear Kumbaya being sung. The brightly lit candles that once illuminated a promising future got extinguished by the spit flying out of the decrepit, one foot in their graves, white haired politicians. No more playin’ nice. 2Pac and Colin Powell was right, America was and still is not ready for a black President.

My shock and irritation came way before this election went WWF and yo mama/my mama hysterics. Poles and surveys weekly were put out and forced fed to us about who is not satisfied with the President and boy did the news channels luv it when black people started to protest against him! Whoa, they shouted. We don’t need to do anything, we’ll just let his people throw him under the bus!

He’s only been in the office for two years and so many people want him gone. You have to understand that Obama has to clean up 8+ years of someone else’s fuck up. They expected for him to wave his magic pimp cup across the country and make everything lollipops and gumdrops. Or snap his finger and voila! Now because he did not produce the results they wanted and needed quick enough (which I’m for sure President Obama did not know there was a time limit for) they are saying fuck him! Really America? Let me remind your amnesia clouded minds that Bush sent soldiers unnecessarily overseas and risked their lives. I personally did not think that war should have 1) been conducted the way it was and 2) he knew that he had not enough substantial evidence to prove Al-Queda were sitting on mass weapons of destruction. So instead of him admitting to the public his mistake he let all of those troops go over there, which of course the soldiers didn’t mind they wanted to protect our country, and die. But Bush was re-elected? I just can’t wrap my head around this country’s thinking process. You can forgive George Washington even after he sodomized and screwed many of his females slaves, had a baby by one! Even though President Clinton was a democrat, citizens brushed his dick sucking rendezvous under the rug! President Bush’s father coined the ‘welfare queen’ name along with giving tougher sentences to drug offenders (3 strikes). I’ve known brothas goin’ away for years, ten years minimum, but I have nasty pedophiles living on my block! Walkin’ around with a lil’ smirk on their face like it’s nothin’! Yet we still supported him, uh America!? Oh and what about Hurricane Katrina? I will name three things wrong with that whole unfortunate catastrophe:

1.      Americans were called refugees. We are not a third world country! That pissed me the hell off. I disrespected us on a whole monstrous new level.

2.      Bush sat chillin’ on a luxurious plane flying past many, many people that needed rescue. If he didn’t want to rescue them at least contact rescuers and stay until they came. How did he sleep at night knowing that he brushed past people that might have not been rescued and died waiting?

3.      Supplies – food, water, medicine, clothes, etc took forever to get to these people. Why?

Look I do not want people to misconstrue my point to this. President Obama is far from perfect. There are things that I did not support, the bail outs banks received (like they needed more money that’s how they got in trouble to begin with) nor did I agree to him collecting more troops to send overseas when he specifically said while running for presidency that his first agenda was to get them out and back home where they belong.

What my point is, is that America is willing to throw this man under the bus over something fixable. What Bush did with just the war alone cannot be fixed. Too many soldiers died because this man refused to swallow his pride and admit that he was wrong in his assumptions and yet you voted him back in. Those lives cannot be brought back.

You can roll your eyes and suck your teeth at the fact that I’m pulling the race card out when this isn’t about race. Bullshit! What is it then? Uh? Is it just a coincidence that he is black? No. Growing up and even still to this day blacks especially have been told we have to work harder than our white counterparts even if it’s the exact same position and then remain doing flips and cartwheels like a damn circus act to keep that high position. And if that’s not enough some whites will not accept that we are intelligent enuf to handle high, prestigious positions but fix their mouths to say ‘Oh they only got that position because they are black!’ It’s sad and frustrating and I will go out on a limb and say this is lynching 2010 style. I’m not a racist, I just call it how I see it. What’s your honest opinion?

Peace & Luv!


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