Everyone Has A Story

Deep wrinkles, slouched shoulders, bent faces, weighted smiles and soulless eyes. That pretty much sums up almost everybody that I walk past or sit next to on buses. It so evident on peoples’ faces I don’t think that the people walking around like this know what they are doing, I know that when I was not conscious of my actions, I walked around with so much anger on my face, it was like a force field.


Funny thing is when I tell people that I’m a writer their eyes get big as hell and they fix their lips to say, “Oooooh I got this story in my head and it’s soooo good!” (The second thing that comes out is there any sex scenes in your books? Freaks)


When I’m told that uninteresting bit of info, I have to bite my tongue and for people who truly know me know that I will spaz out on a drop of a hat on anyone who feel the need to talk shit out of the side of their necks. Yeah, I tend to react first, maybe think later. I’m surprised I haven’t got my ass beat down or stabbed in my 31 years of living on this earth (knockin’ on wood right now).


Yes I do agree that everyone has their own story that was the purpose of me describing physical features a little while ago. Open your eyes and you will see it on peoples’ faces. It’s evident especially in black women – we carry so much weight on our shoulders; raising kidz on our own, abuse, neglect from our own people, pressures to be this wonder woman, wrestling with ourselves and self esteem the list is unfortunately long and unhealthy. I don’t want to downplay other races but I’m a sistah and I see firsthand how all of these issues affect our lives daily.


However what I do want to say is to all of my ‘got a story’ people, don’t patronize and insult me and my craft – pleaz and thank you. I take my God given talent seriously. I’m a blossoming brand. Writing is what I do and do well and I’ll be damned if I let some wishful thinking pansy make it seem like what I do a caveman could do. No boo-boo, you can’t! Your conversation alone proves to me that you can’t write a decent sentence! Leave the professional ish to me and go play somewhere.


These physical stories are what make each individual who they are and will be. But just because your grandma who is deaf in one ear praises you to her shuffle board club on how majestic your voice is doesn’t mean your special ass should hop on YouTube or American Idol to embarrass yourself, real shit. You can tell your story but not in this way. If you are dying to be the next bestselling author hire a ghostwriter, hell I’ll do it for you but please, please, please put down that pen and paper! Yeah I’m a brutal bish – deal with it!


Peace and Luv


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