Ebooks To Have Their Own Category!

Stop the presses! Yes finally ebooks will have their say in The New York Times Bestsellers List! ‘Bout damn time is all I have to say. I remember reading a blog over year ago and it basically was putting out the idea that ebooks will not be a ‘here to stay’ thing. And they definitely won’t replace books. Now I wouldn’t go that far but I will say it will be a powerhouse extension for readers and businesses.


Think about it, people are on the run. They never sit still, only when maybe they are flying on planes and such. Carrying a book would add more weight to their load. So iPhones, iPads, the Kindle have become everyone’s best friend.


This year alone ebooks have grossed over 300 million dollars and the year isn’t even over yet. There are 14 categories so if you are a writer you should fit right in with one of those categories. Hell half of them I don’t know what it meant. Paperback Mass Market Fiction? What the hell? No, seriously, I see you laughin’ but fa real what is that? And why is different from regular fiction? Maybe one of the people from RoyaltyShare can tell me cause they are the ones that will collab with The New York Times on recording and keeping track of the ebook sales which will come from publishers, chain bookstores, independent booksellers and online retailers. When will all of this start? Polish up those works cause it will start @ the beginning of 2011.


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