Urban Influence Media Group

Came across a website today. Which made it all worthwhile for me because I was about to say screw it and stay my lazy behind @ home. But like posts I’ve created earlier if you slack off even a little someone who is hungrier than you will come in and take the blessing you were suppose to have right from you. So here I was floating thru the internet and came across this website, http://www.urbaninfluencemagazine.com. What is one of my goals for my blog is to get out as much info as I can on writing, networking and being an entrepreneur. And this is no different.


One of the articles is advertising a publishing company Urban Influence Media Group. There are two sections one is the traditional publishing part. They only accept original works from writers with an agent. So if you wanna go that route tell your agent to email your work tourbaninfluence@urbaninfluencemag.com.


The second option is iPublish. This is a great opportunity for those who, like, have the entrepreneurial spirit. You can customize your needs among a variety of services. The Influencer Package fits novels, hot-to’s and short stories which includes:

–          ISBN

–          Custom Cover Design

–          Copyright Registration

–          Retail Availability (Amazon.com, etc.)

–          Viral Marketing

–          Social Media Set Up

–          Facebook, Twitter and blog

–          Promotional Bookselling Materials

–          Bookmarks and business cards

–          50 paperback copies

The price is $599. Not bad for what they are offering but I will say this now that I’m looking over what this package has, you can do most of this stuff yourself. The Facebook, Twitter, and blog, who doesn’t have all of those? In Fort Wayne, I used to go to Kinko’s to make copies, or have things faxed. Well I’m a strong believer in putting money back into your community. I’m trying to start my own publishing business so I hope that when I launch that, people in my community will want to purchase what I am offering. Plus it just feels good, it doesn’t always have to be about give and take, you understand? So I have this small black owned business and whenever I need something faxed I go there and I know that I will get great service. They always have a smile on their faces and you hear feel good music in the back. Luv it. But the point of my little rant is because they do business cards, hell you can go buy the paper to print your own business cards yourself. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Just make sure you investigate every option and also make sure you have a clear idea of what you need. It is easy to get caught up in everything and regret it later because you were geeked up about a deal. If you are the type of person that do not have the time to focus on marketing or creating business cards than this is a great avenue for you.


The other package that they offer is called the Game-Changer. This has everything the previous package has with some extras:

–          Viral E-blast marketing

–          Custom Press Release

–          Social Media Set-up

–          Custom Webpage

Cost $799. Not bad, uh? I know, you can thank me later and send me an autographed book.


Peace and Luv


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