The Birth of Diamond XL

I’m a blunt bish. I will admit I spend a huge amount of time (more than I’m proud to admit) on entertainment blogs. is my caffeine fix. I also read ish that I feel everyone should know about but considering that people are too busy with making ends meet in their homes they are not able to really find out what is going on outside of their block. I try to put as much as I can on my Facebook page so people can get a little info about what is or could affect them.


People all across the racial board are waking up to what is really going on and are more motivated (unfortunately by bad situations) to change shit but most are walking around like chickens with their heads cut off oblivious to a lot of underground ish that is going on. This where I come in.


My goal for my blog is to talk strictly about writing – how to write, how to network with other writers, etc. Last blog I had created was all over the place. It did not have a purpose, it was a ball of hot messes; full of shit basically. This one a hell of a lot more organized which has gotten more hits than the other one. I told myself that I would not put anything on my site other than writing. Now being who I am I have a lot more to say and not just gossip either. So I’m creating a small newsletter like everyone and their mama has however my goal is to speak on current issues and deliver it in a way so readers will know why they should give a fuck. It will not be bougie or boring. It will hopefully open up a lot people’s minds so they can better themselves and their communities, hell our communities!


Hey it’s not O Magazine but I think that something like this is needed. Publication date? Look out for it on December 1st, there, I put it out in the world so I have no choice but to finish what I’ve started.


Peace and Luv!


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