Give Thanks To Your Craft

With the glorious holiday season sneaking right up on us (damn it felt like I have just celebrated New Years!) it will be easy to get caught up in everything else but what you should be focusing on still – your craft (whatever that may be). But since I am a writer I will be focusing on that for a hot minute.

Everyone will be traveling, shopping and eating for the next two months along with visiting, cooking and puttin’ up with fam that you would prefer stuffing them like the turkey you are preparing this week. But instead of stressin out over party accommodations, how clean your hose should be, and where the hell all those annoying people are are going to sleep – write. What the hell are you talkin’ about Willis? Do it look like I have time to write? You trippin’!

I’m not trippin’ (ok maybe a little cause I’m answering my own lil’ voice). I write every day, no exceptions and if you luv to write then you do too. Holidays, throwing parties etc. are not good enough excuses. Practice does make perfect – real shit. But writing period is therapeutic for me. I literally disappear to another realm when I write. I feel sorry for my kidz cause I feel their presence in my room but I don’t hear a damn thing they say, that’s how into my scene I am. That tells me this is the shit, this is going to be on the final draft. So when you feel stressed and overwhelmed – write. Having something comfortable and safe to go to everyday allows you to just be. You need that routine amiss all the commotion. Besides if you have fam like mine ideas for future works will be pouring out these next few months.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, give thanks to your God-given talent. Yes it sounds a little self absorbed but that craft is going to be what puts you on the map, this is what He gave you to inspire so be thankful. I’m thankful that I stopped frontin’ and got my hustle on with my writing career. Yes it’s been two years since I’ve held a ‘normal’ job and yes I’m human; recently I’ve been a lil’ too focused on me not having shit that I should because I’m ‘lazy’! I’m pissed because it’s not in my character to look at myself as if I’m looking thru my hater’s eyes. But again, I’m human. At the end of the day, I’m proud of myself and God has taken care of me this far why would He quit now?

So along with me being thankful for my kidz, a place to stay, my fam being safe, being healthy, getting the opportunity of knowing myself, my health and my kidz’ health, I am extremely thankful for my God-given talent and purpose – writing.

Peace, Luv and many blessings!


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