Change of Plans

About a year ago I came up with the idea to create a monthly newsletter but in sort of like a magazine format. So every month I would have a different cover reflecting what the newsletter would be about that month. For whatever reason I put it to the side and just recently I thought of the idea again. This time I’m thinking a little bit bigger and keeping my fingers crossed that it will catch on. But I finished the masthead for the cover this past weekend and the first cover for January. Of course it will be about the drunken resolutions we make every year but I will have it laid out so you will want to be a better you – whatever you feel would make you better and make you step out of your block. It will not be geared just for women so men don’t hesitate to pick and choose some articles and then pass it on to wifey or girl, mama, etc.

Now my goal for 2011 is to by this time next year have Diamond XL in print. But I think that having it in the e-format allows me to reach a hell of a lot more people. I can email issues to friends/family and they can email to everybody on their contact lists like a domino effect! And oh yes by the way it’s free. I know my ballin’ on a budget people luv that.

Look out for it. I hope to have it a week before the new year or at least a lil’ tease so you have something to tell your friends.

Peace & Luv!


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