What lurks in the Shadows?

Twitter, Facebook, Technorati, BlackPlanet.com, YouTube. Connecting to people has now become easier. It’s an addiction, a pastime and a perfect outlet to disguise a murder. An innocent video lands on seventeen year old Torry’s Facebook page. Disregarding its validity Torry goes about his new life with his mother in another state. Both have seen enough abuse to last for the rest of their lives. However someone did not want them to get comfortable in their new home.

Torry gets arrested for the murder of a Victoria Davis. All of the evidence unfortunately points to him. The cops are focused so much on the clues one obvious one almost get overlooked. Will it be too late? Read the new social media mystery Shadows @ http://www.scribd.com/talia_rice before you post another YouTube video to your Facebook page. Blackmail is a bitch!

Peace and Luv!


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