I swear I like saying that word! Lol, anywho. Bing has created a way you can make a Christmas Wish list from all the items you want and then have it widely available for all of your friends on Facebook can see it; you can’t pick and choose which ones it goes to. So all of those people you don’t even know on your list (or never talk to, hell you do not even share the same circles!) will get it. It’s not that terrible I guess, you never know one of those unknown ‘friends’ could surprise the hell outta you and buy that gift or all of them! I’m just sayin’. You could have a rich friend in the mix, you know.

The main reason why I am writing this is because I’m all up for finding easier ways to shop because Black Friday has become vicious! Plus you don’t have to worry about ish that you don’t want, right? So go ahead and get that list together so a Santa daddy can make your Christmas. Lord knows with all of what’s going on in this unfortunate unemployment scandal right before the holiday’s something is needed to make millions of people joyous.

Peace and Luv!


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