Google jumping on the bandwagon

Still buzzing over the New York Times putting ebooks on the bestsellers lists? Well I got something else for you. I slid over to yesterday and read that Google apparently has given the green-light to create a new eBook store. This might be some old news cause it said to be released at the end of 2010; yall know I’m running on black people time and get my ish all late.

The device Google will use is said to be a ‘read anywhere’ model. They still need to tweak a few things but a lot of booksellers are coming on board with it. This will work since they would be compatible with just about anything which personally I think is genius. There are soooo many devices allowing readers to purchase and read books on and as I released my first eBook ‘White Lies’ (on sale now at by the way – shameless plug but damnit it’s my site!) I came to the harsh realization that all readers are not the same; the more compatible obviously the more sells you will have so Google did good. I’m still kind of trying to figure out about the new feature Google just launched so if someone could explain it I’d appreciate it. Are they saying that you could pull up Google on your tv and surf the internet through it as though you are on a computer? How would you do that? And isn’t that the same thing as using your Playstation to surf the web on your tv? Google holla at your girl and a sample of it would be lovely pleaz and thank you.

Peace and Luv!


2 thoughts on “Google jumping on the bandwagon

  1. Isn’t it supposed to be more like an Operating System, I thought Google was coming out with GOS – or something like that. Or are you talking about something else?

    • See that is the thing. i am not sure. i have tried to look into some more after i posted but either did not quite understand the concept or the info was outdated. so if you could explain it to me i would greatly appreciate it. what are its benefits

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