2011 I will call my power year!

This past year I have come to the conclusion that a lot of ish has gone on under my nose and enough is enough! There comes a time when people have to grow up and I can say I grew up in 2010, I stepped out of my block, hence the invention of my newsletter/magazine Diamond XL. But besides that I have a strong passion for the education systems in America as well as literacy. Just this past summer I witnessed some ish that kind of disturbed me. I realized that a lot of kidz are not reading at their levels and are really not wanting to read, especially in the urban community. Why am I concerned? Well for one I’m a black woman if you haven’t figured out so I give a damn about what is going on with my own people but I don’t just focus on us, everybody is affected by literacy or the lack of it in America.

With that lil’ tidbit out there my goal in 2011 (God-willing) is to write a childrenz’ book and take half to all of the proceeds from its sales to produce programs that are needed in schools and daycares in my area. It’s sad and ridiculous that our kidz’ education system (programs, tutoring, teachers, etc.) is affected financially over and over again. The state or city can easily put millions even billions into building unnecessary shit that they think will broaden the way the community looks! Granted it brings in jobs but if you put that money back into the schools and programs that goes on before and after school than the community will be rewarded in the short and long run!

Did I just spaz out?! Hell yeah. I have school kidz who luckily attend schools that are up to par and goes above and beyond for the students but unfortunately every kidz’ school does not offer the kind of programs my kidz’ school have.

And that’s where the childrenz’ book idea came about. So look out for it and sponsor the cause! More info to come.

Peace and Luv!


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