How to Create and Run a Successful Blog (Part I)

Blogs. Everybody and their mama’s mama have one. But how do you go about creating one? Should you make one? Or should you skip the blog and pay money to have a website created for you? After you do one how do you maintain it? It depends on the wants and needs of what you are trying to accomplish.

GoogleHow to Create a Blog’ and billions upon billions of sites will pop up enticing you to go with them to make this awesome earth shattering blog that will give you thousands of visitors on the regular. It gets overwhelming trust me on this one. Before you even get to the point of deciding which one you will use you need to do a few things first.

1.      What do you want? Are you trying to sell a product/service? Or do you just want to create an online journal of what’s new in your life geared only for fam and friends? Having a specific idea or goal will save you a hell of a lot of unproductive hours.

2.      Who will be the target audience? If you are advertising porn it’s not a good idea to advertise on an educational site. Knowing who you are trying to attract will help you decide whether you should have your blog private or public.

3.      What is your blog about? I would say this is one of the most important things to worry about. I’ve messed this one up when I first created a blog with another site. I was all over the place because I didn’t have a platform made of what I would talk about. One day I would speak on some entertainment gossip news and then the next day I would talk about writing, etc. No wonder I did not get visitors, I didn’t have shit to say that made people want to come back. Have a general idea and go from there. Stick with it too. If you want to have the blog about sex (yes, I know I mentioned pornos above – I needed some way to catch your attention right?) then keep your posts relevant to sex (toys, karma sutra, positions you get the point).

4.      Have a good amount of content written before you launch the blog to the world. I recently read from a professional blogger that a person should have at least 6 months worth of content filed away. Now I’m gone keep this all the way real, ain’t no way in hell I am going to write 6 months worth of material! I will save 6 months of money for a rainy day but not posts mainly because shit change every day. 6 months down the line what you wrote back then may not be relevant to what is going on now causing you to realize that you wasted your time as well as computer space. To me a month’s worth is good. This is just in case you are not able to find something interesting to write; you can cut and paste a back – up post.

5.      Make a writing schedule. Another mistake I made was not being consistent. I did not set time to write my posts. Picking which days or hours you will use to work on your blog is detrimental especially once you start having visitors. They will be expecting new material on the regular. Make a schedule and stick with it; discipline yourself. There is no time better than now, today!

Obviously there may be more to think about but these 5 will set you in the right track and will smooth out a lot of the stress edges. You may think that all this is unnecessary but you have to realize that you will be competing with people all across the world by having a blog. You are not going to automatically be recognized and be bumped up to celebrity status overnight no matter how great you think what you have to say is. Yes if you keep with it you increase your chances of being recognized. Do you have a to-do list that you did before creating your own blog?

Peace and Luv!


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