How to Create and Run a Successful Blog (Part III: Which One?)

As you can see the majority of the work is done even before you create your blog. Not saying that you can ride it out or sit back once it’s up and running. You still have to figure out which blog site will fit what you want. Lets recap some ish I went over in the previous posts:

1. Know specifically what you want to accomplish with the blog.

2. Know your target audience.

3. Have a good chunk of content saved up in a file ready to go when you need an extra post.

4. Use as many resources to promote your blog. Don’t be scared to advertise yourself. Yes there is a thin line between cyber stalking and just contacting someone; know where that line is and be persistent.

5. Network, network, network! ‘Nuf said.

Another point I wanna make is that whatever you put on the web is forever. Do not create a blog that you will regret down the line; shit always pops back up at the wrong times, ask Kim Kardashian. Also if you know that you are only going to have this blog for a few months don’t create one. Playing blog chairs will only increase the chances of your visitors cuttin’ out and not following you to your new home. They don’t wanna have to go searching for you elsewhere so be careful when you pick the blog. Window shop a lil before you make that big leap. I’m not going to tell you who you should go with but I will give you a few tips on how to pick one out. If you wanna have a blog that will serve as a journal for your fam and friends you can pick pretty much any blog creator out there in cyberspace.

If you wanna have a blog to use as a guide to connect with a lil’ more than your fiends then look deeper. Do not take the first one you see. You want to look for a blog that will allow you the best way to communicate with your visitors and for them to communicate easily to you. All of the blogs should be visitor friendly anyway, especially if you are using the visitors as the gateway to what product/service you are putting out.

Using a blog to use as a starting point for opening a business or adding to the business’s website should be taken a little bit more seriously. Depending on your company’s budget you can really turn the blog into a bomb azz site. Do you want music when someone is on the blog page? What background design do you want, if any? Will there be pictures? Videos? Will whatever you are offering be represented in a way so that it is appealing to people that you are trying to contact? And what kind of security will you have if you are dealing with private information? You could hire someone, but again that is only if your business’s budget allows it. offers a lot of options when it comes to blogs. They even have for a reasonable charge people that can create a personalable design for you or your business or if you wanna step your game up have someone design a website; they have that option too. Like I said tho, I’m not tryin’ to tell you which one to go to, it’s all up to you. Just make sure you know everything so that you don’t have surprises a month or so after it’s up and running. Make the site conform to what you need and want, not what they offer.

Peace and Luv!


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