No Matter What – Write

This will be a short post but I felt the need to bring this topic up again. You can never be perfect at your talent. If you’ve reached perfection then you must be six feet under. I despise the cocky, bougie, overly confident writer. I’m not calling anyone out in particular, I’m just sayin’. Some writers feel that because they have spent most of the year or all of it on the bestsellers list they don’t need direction or critique from anyone. Listen life is a journey, you should always be learning, testing and pushing yourself to do better – be better! Someone will have no problem taking over your spot the day you decide to slip. Stay hungry, stay focused, and always write even on those days when you are having bad azz cramps, your in-laws are chillin’ in your crib, kidz are working your last nerve – write! It don’t have to make sense just bullshit around if that will keep your fingers tapping that keyboard or that hand flowing over that blank piece of paper. Long as you are keeping those imaginative juices flowing. Always look for ways to improve your talent. Always carry that hunger with you. The only things guaranteed in life are taxes and death.

Peace and Luv!


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