What Makes a Steamy Sex Scene?

If there is one thing I say I’m still a rookie in it’s sex scenes. Everybody does not have sex the same way; with that being said neither should your characters! In the beginning every time I put in a sex scene it would be very heated, rough and tumultuous. Softness and love was not in the mix. Doing it that way only will make you stagnant as a writer and you can lose some fans with that mistake. That can be dangerous since your writing is your bread and butter. As I’ve said in the first paragraph I’m a rookie when it comes to creating sex scenes. Some people are so intimidated by this that instead of putting it in the story and perfecting it they ignore it all together.

I’ve learned a few things along the way that might help you overcome your lil’ fear: 1) Read sexually driven books. This helps out a lot and is a great way to see how other writers create sex scenes. If you’re having trouble with on lil sex scene, imagine doing a whole book on sex! This also opens up and expands your creative side to new wayz to having your characters sexin’. 2) If it doesn’t turn you on, what makes you think your readers will? Whoever said they don’t get even a lil’ bit when they are writing sex scenes are lyin’ their ass off! If that is the case then they need to go back to the drawing board. 3) Being sexual doesn’t necessarily mean that your character are hving sex. Roll with me on this one. I was watching New Moon, from the Twilight series one weekend and I noticed that none of the characters were having sex but the intensity between them were magnetic. The heavy breathing, the connecting of the minds, the body language and the dialogue was sick! I had to smoke a cigarette and take a cold shower after watching it! Watch movies and pay particularly close attention to the characters demeanor and moves before the actual act. You can’t execute a sex scene without cues, innocent flirting, eye contacts, the conversation, even a heated fight can be ques for sex scenes. You don’t want your readers thrown off when the deep is in progress. This one is a tricky one to accomplish but practice makes perfect. 4) WWYCD? Another big step that is overlooked is how your characters will respond, act, and feel before, during, and after? For whatever reason writers get unattached to the charcter when nit’s time for sex of love making. Why? I have no clue. But if your character is timid, nieve almost boring, don’t have her come out with whips and chains. Just like if your character has experienced sexual abuse in their childhood years and was tied up all the time, don’t have them ok with some freaky S&M without some kind of reaction. My point is know who your characters are inside and out along with their background; be intimate with them. The more connected you are the easier it will be to do sexually driven scenes with them playing the part. It’s like a relationship, keep at it until it’s perfect. Throughout this lil’ sexual experience, always be open and don’t be sccurred. Just like practicing on getting pregnant in real life, practicing on your sex scenes can be fun. You might actually tap into some spontaneous or sensual side that can help your love life at home. Hey, it could happen! Hopefully these suggestions will help you get you out of that funk. Don’t make it harder than what it is. Now do you have a secret that you would luv to share with me? Go ahead and put that down below.

Peace and Luv!


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