Great Sentence or Great Sex?

Now before you get your panties in a bunch and fall off the deep end let me explain myself. I know writers feel me when they read the title, but for you simpletons I’ll explain.

About a year or two ago I read from an author who said they would rather land the perfect sentence than have a session of mind blowing sex.


Say what?! I said.


His sex life must be garbage if he prefers a sentence over some sex. But then I started to pay attention to myself and what I wrote and I literally had an Oprah ah-ha moment. When I spit out a great sentence that is the best feeling afterward. I don’t get turned on per se but it’s a euphoric moment. And if you think about it, it is better than sex. You can get sex anywhere (do it safely of course) but a bomb azz sentence? Well that is rare. Especially if you have been sitting in front of a computer or blank piece of paper for hours!


So next time you edit and then edit some more and get that lovely sentence, compare that to the sex you are having. If you don’t get it then obviously you need to go back to the drawing board!

Peace and Luv!


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