2011 Finally Here

Aw, finally the holidays are over and everybody can settle back into their own rhythm of their lives again. I’ve never been happier – more focused than now and I love it. In all actuality I did not need a brand new year to do what I needed to do but it just conveniently happened to be at the end of the year when my projects I wanted to do started to pop off. I’m not gone go thru my lists of resolutions or a.k.a. goals cause I’ve already done that in another post but I did want to put into words that when I wrote those words I wasn’t in my right state of mind – I’ll get into what I’m talking about later. I had good intentions and still wanted those goals but…well I was on some other shit in a sense. Now I can be on some new shit. I do apologize for not posting any new things these last few weeks but my kidz are back in school and I’m back to hustlin’. Is you with me?

Peace and Luv!


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