Are There Enuf Blacks in the Media?

When you turn on the tv are you satisfied with what you see? I mean for real, are you? I am really referring to the journalistic aspect to the media but I am going to take five seconds to speak on some real foolish ish I just saw on New Year’s Eve.

I was waiting for the ball to drop on the Carson’s New Year’s show and happen to look up and see that stupid and annoying Dobson cat whose sister’s house got broken into. That ugly buck toothed fool had microbraids and so much foundation on his face a house could of easily been built on it. Now that I think about it, it should have; maybe it would of covered that nine levels of ugliness he is carrying around! Then it talked! Do you know he getting 25 thou just to show up at a club? I’m a struggling writer but this fool does nothing but show his mouth and thyroid sized eyeballs to YouTube and get anything he wants?! I really should not get mad at anyone else’s hustle but fa real? But what really upsets me is that BET decides to prostitute his ass on an award show. My own people – so sad, so, so, sad.

And please don’t get me started on these black ‘reality’ heifas. It’s all disgusting if you ask me. That’s not who I am nor want to come close to being and neither should my sistahs. Leave that foolishness to them ok?

Back to my original question, do you feel there is a good representation of blacks in the media? I personally do not. Why should I care? Cause as a black writer, no one told us when we were kids that you can be that successful writer, or script writer, or journalist. No one aspires to be a writer/journalist. The pay sucks and the competition is bananas. And we still are not on the same page (pun intended) as our white counterparts when it comes to writing and being in the media on an intellectual level.

What needs to be done? I know parents need to step their game up because it needs to start when the kids are young; get them interested in reading and writing other than what is required in school. Do you know how that will affect their test scores? You don’t have to force feed them the idea of becoming writers but give them that option and support them!

If you truly have something to say there will be no problem getting followers. Don’t know what to talk about, take your ass outside and open your eyes. There are so much to tell, politically, financially, educationally, as a community or lack thereof a community, what is needed; I mean the list can go and on. The outlets to get ish out are abundant – use them until you’ve squeezed them out. Start with YouTube. Everyone and their mama watches YouTube. Music execs don’t go to the clubs anymore, they chill up in their plush office with their cheesecake viewing YouTube picking out talent – talk about having ish fall into a lap.

Create a newsletter or ezine reporting the news. Do interviews with people that go along with the message you want to send out. Be innovative and informative and catchy so that obviously you attract people. This will show off your writing talent to the nth degree!

It’s frustrating as hell that I don’t see more blacks in the media but that doesn’t mean I’m about to get discouraged and not become that writer and screenwriter that I’m determined to be. It’s not an option! Create opportunities for yourself; don’t wait for them to come to you. Make them realize why they need you on their team not the other way around, you feel me!

Peace and Luv!


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