Can You Really Handle Being a Writer?

It has been a little over two years since I’ve worked a conventional job. I’ve said this before so it’s nothing new but my point to this is before you take that leap into writing your ass off be sure you really wanna do it!

1.      You will not get rich by just writing. Sorry. Yeah, I hit you with the real ish early. Unless you are J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) or the creator of The Wimpy Kid Diaries series it will be a minute before you make decent cake off of writing. Get it out of your head now that you will be the next big thing; trust me it will help you out in the long run.

2.      It will not happen overnight. One book may take you over a year to write. That’s not a bad thing, most likely that means you will come out with some hot shit. Do you have the patience for that? Don’t succumb to those ‘Write Your Best Book In a Week’ novels. Let it flow.

3.      It takes tenacity, persistence and business sense now. Long gone are the days where all you had to do was produce a manuscript. Now you have to consider yourself a brand and be willing to do the leg work to promote you more than anything. I say you because if you are not personable no matter how awesome your book is no one will want to buy your book.

4.      Have some thick skin, is all I’m saying. Not only do you have to deal with rejections from publishers and agents you might have to deal with the doubts from fam the longer things go on without something poppin’ off. That right there can do more damage mentally than the rejection letters from the publishers. At least with the agents and publishers you don’t have to go home to face them every day.

Everybody claims to have that one good story in them and that’s good if they do. But what happens after that one good story? Do you have ten more? Twenty? A hundred? If you don’t then don’t bother being a writer unless you have really good connects and can get that one little book out and keep it movin’. Like everything else in life, do your homework before you take that leap.

Peace and Luv!


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