Character Building

This week I wanna tighten up my blog. Just to reiterate my goal for this blog, it’s been a lil’ over two years since I’ve made of conscious decision to become a professional writer. I’ve accomplished a lot since then however because I’m my worst critic and a perfectionist I have a hell of a lot to do still. But I know the next person may not have the tenacity to go at like I have so I want to create an environment where promising writers can get valuable info, be motivated and share ideas about succeeding in writing cause it’s hard, real shit. Even with the outlets that can make you get published faster it’s still a grind and I wouldn’t change my journey.

With that out of the way I wanna start this week long session on character building with my past mishaps, mistakes, whoopsies, whatever you wanna call it. People tend to forget that just because you have a great plot does not mean you will have a successful novel; the characters are what make or break the success of your book. If they are boring and washed out you will put the reader to sleep instead of keeping them up (remember the majority of readers, myself included, read just before they go to bed).

I’ve made plenty of mistakes when it came to inventing characters. My biggest mistake would be the lack of personality my characters would have. All of them were the same and not just in one story but collectively in all the stories which was a problem. I’ve improved but I still want my characters to be better. I’m continually reading character driven books to see how other writers are doing it. I don’t want to copy I just wanna see what they are doing, I have my own style thank you very much. When looking at your own characters consider these things:

–          The plot

–          What do you want your character to accomplish?

–          Environment

–          Are they a mini-me version of you, if so what can you change?

–          Are they enhancing or bringing down your story?

There are plenty more and like I said I will go into specific detail this week on:

–          How to invent characters

–          When to fire characters and

–          Allowing your characters to grow naturally

If you are having trouble definitely stay tune and put your input, concerns or criticisms in the comment slot, don’t be scuuured!

Peace & Luv


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