Who’s Real, who’s Fake?

No this is not going to be about Swizz Beatz and Jada but it was definitely a motivator that song was to the title to the post. What is considered real writing and what makes a fake azz story? It would appear that anyone that picks up a pen and paper would know the answer to this question but apparently quite a few missed that memo.

More writers, if you can call them that are falling by the wayside and remain stagnant which for whatever reason they are cool with that; maybe because they have checks coming who knows. One of the problems that I feel contributes to this is that writers are not writing from ‘that place’. That place is your soul (yes it sounds mushy but I’m being honest). I’m going to use Mary J. Blige as an example so you can feel what I’m talking about. From jump Mary J has been blessed with that knack and voice to pull her fans into her world, experience her pain and rejoice thru her journey. You knew that whatever she was singing about was real to her. She allowed a piece of her in every song she sang. Same concept when it comes to writing. You may not be writing about you or something that you have experienced in life but if you are passionate about writing and the project that you are working on then that passion will show throughout the story.

Say you are writing a thriller and your character has just experienced a murder on someone close to them, you may not have had to deal with that personally but you can easily go there and say ‘what would I feel like if such and such were murdered’; it’s called empathizing. There’s a fine line that is hard not to cross on this one. You sort of have to be an actor; that anger, guilt, and sadness you feel will fuel how intense your character will be.

A lot of writers currently suck and I really wonder how the hell they got a deal to begin with. Most of it had to do with how the story was written; it was lackluster, boring az hell. Look, a talented writer is able to weave pieces of themselves in every story they tell, flawlessly. That is the point to this post. Still don’t get it? Read a Toni Morrison novel or a Tananarive Due, hell even Zane, James Baldwin; these are real passionate writers. Go read them and then come holla at me!

Peace & Luv!


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