When To Fire A Character

One of the biggest mistake beginning writers and some seasoned writers do is allowing unnecessary characters to stay in their stories when they know good well they don’t belong nowhere near the story. Thing is we become attached to who we have taken the time to create. You birthed them! They are your kidz right? But just like an abusive partner, or a toxic friend at some point you will have to do a Keyshia Cole and let it go. Afraid to tap into your inner Donald Trump? Too bad, get over it – fire they azz! When do you do it?

1.      If the character is draining the story and not in a good way they need to go.

2.      If their purpose is no longer clear – deuces!

3.      Too much like you – you know what to do

4.      If the character doesn’t evolve – gotta go! Very seldom a character can get by with playing stagnant but normally it’s not advised.

Do a farewell funeral, flush the character’s file down the toilet or whatever is that you do to get over the firing or death of a character but do not allow them to continue. And please don’t do a soap opera move and bring the supposed dead back! Happy writing!

Peace & Luv!


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