Author 2.0? Come on now!

Ok so I downloaded this free ebook today (I will not say the author’s name because I don’t want to embarrass the poor child). Thank god it was free. The point of it was to give an aspiring writer ways to build a platform, create a brand and get published either thru traditional ways or by self publication. Good intentions really but as I’m reading I’m getting a serious case of déjà vu. She repeated that the option to publish books is much better how than back in the day duh. Also to become a successful writer one must commit to branding and marketing oneself, duh! Her wording was tweaked differently each time but I got the message.

Thing is at the end she went in to offer this enticing, impressive package of some ‘professional’ person coming to you like some captain save a hoe and creating this branding platform for $300! Are they serious? Have they lost their damn mind? ‘Oh we are going to create this wonderful Social Network 2.0! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, your own blog!’ Really? You literally have to live in a nursing home if you are not capable of creating this shit yourself. And even grandma and grandpa got iPhones with all of those apps on them. So why in the hell are they charging $300? How is that working out for them. Maybe they know something I don’t.

Again I can’t knock her or anyone else for this hustle but it’s all a scam to me. Real shit! It’s all tempting as you see this woman smiling that kool aid smile then have the audacity to paste a picture of her as a kid. What was that suppose to do? That warm and fuzzy feeling never reached even my pinky toe.

She is not the only one either. Many, many, many, many ‘authors’ have websites that have space upon space full of advertisements attempting to sell you ebooks and courses on how to maximize your sales thru social networking guaranteeing you boo coo money. Ay, nothing in life is guaranteed but taxes and death if you haven’t noticed. Just being on these sites make me dizzy and nauseous and I feel a seizure coming.

This is a warning, it’s tempting, new writers, to fall for these ads then sit back and let them do it for you and you collect money. Spend that 300+ toward you own marketing plan. Social networking helps tremendously. You are able to stay connected with a plethora of people, bump elbows (or keyboards) and ideas with them, sell to etc. You are better off digging your hands into it all yourself especially if your goal is to eventually get picked up by a traditional publisher; they will expect you to do all of the marketing leg work. Hell they won’t even look at you unless you already have some kind of platform established. That will let them know that they are guaranteed some type of sell. Ay it’s a business – the truth hurts. It’s more real if you style your own blog, tweet your own tweets (2010 should prove that it’s best that you do it that way), post all of your pictures from book tours and stuff on your Facebook page. I mean why would you want to have someone else’s personality and style on your shit?

Peace and Luv!


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