Organization (the beginning)

I heard Beyonce say during an interview that if she can’t focus on something 100% then she won’t do it. Meaning if she is working in the studio on an album she’s not thinking about the photo album cover, a movie she is starting in a month or whatever. Basically what her point is is to stay in the moment and give all of your passionate projects all of you because others will be able to tell.

I thought that would be a perfect way to start out my organization segment for this week. Beyonce brings a good point and solution to organization. Stick with me for a sec now. How many times have you been sitting down writing (or trying to) and you are mentally somewhere else, on a different project or what you are planning on doing with the cover of your book or what publisher you need to contact this week? Then when you go back to look at what you have typed the sentences are jumbled and incomplete. Sounds familiar? The problem is lack of focus and organization in your writing life and other areas I’m sure. It’s hard but we gone get it together and by the end of the week you will have all you need to get your ish together.

Before I end this lil’ post let me explain why it’s important to have some kind of organization going on. This is from personal experience too so don’t go tellin’ everybody alright. Ok, I think it’s detrimental that all writers carry a notebook around cause you never know when something informative or creative pop up. I go thru them like faucet water it’s crazy. I was going thru some of them over this past weekend and realized there are some shit that I wrote down that would be really good ideas and that I never executed any of them. Now if I would have as soon as I got home put them in nice little organized folders on my computer instead of forgetting and having them spazed out all over the place like mini seizures I would have a lot more accomplished and would be reaping the benefits, real shit. Or if I still had my damn Blackberry I would have it together too! Anywho my point is if you don’t put organization somewhere on that list you will miss out on opportunities that you thought of meaning possibly losing money – get it, got it? Good!

What’s your horror disorganized writing story?

Peace and Luv!


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