How To Make Time For Writing

Kidz, jobs, relationships, family, hell life. What do all of these have in common? They are all things that can distract you from doing your writing thing, if you let it. But Ms. Captain Come Save a Writer will help you with your dilemma. As with everything you are trying to do in your life you have to be mentally prepared and focused. You will be amazed at how many people skip this part and end up screwing some shit up. But Ms. Captain Come Save a Writer how do I get my mind right? Look, I’m just here to talk about making time to write not making miracles, ok?


1.      What is your schedule like?

2.      What are you trying to accomplish?

3.      When are you trying to accomplish it?

These 3 questions are what you should be asking first. And be honest in answering these questions cause you’ll play yourself in the long run. Let me tell you why:

1.      What is your schedule like?

Most people who work do so outside of the home, I mean people need to eat right? On top of that there are kids after school activities, dates, meetings, etc. so who really has time to do anything really? Write down each week (because each week most likely is different than the week previous) of all the things that you have to accomplish for that week. Once you do that, sit down with that schedule in front of you. Realistically do you have time to write – everyday? Even if you have to pencil in 5 minutes in the bathroom on the toilet in order to make that happen; well make it happen. It may not seem like a lot, but those 5 minutes will 1) add up and 2) a lot can be accomplish in that short span of a time. Also look hard at those things that you have written down because sometimes when you think something may be important it really is not and can easily wait. That pedi-manicure appointment, hair appointment, and two hour lunch just to go shopping are not a priority that should be over writing. That is a good 5 hours that you could have used to write that book that you’ve been trying accomplish for the longest, get it? That’s why I said that you have to be honest and committed otherwise I’m wasting my time telling you this ish.

2.      What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you trying to write a full novel? Enter a short story into a competition? Get a blog started with good content? Write a children’s book? It sounds simple. Hell all of these questions are simple, common sense questions but like I said a lot of people skip steps because they feel they do not need to go thru that – they good. But when they get into the thick of things they realize that they took on too much or are not completely clear on what they are trying to do. I can’t say it enough times that you have to write down what you want. And then keep that piece of paper in a spot where you can see it on a regular basis. Also determining what you want to accomplish will help you determine how much time you will devote to this project/s.  The one thing you do have to keep in mind about the time is what you put in you will get in return. So if you want to have a blog that everyone is gossiping about you need to treat that as if it’s a part/full time job – no, seriously. I learned that the hard way, pleaz don’t make the same mistake. You want that bestselling book on every book list? Make room for that project. Don’t take on anymore projects until you are able to successfully juggle multiple ones and can give 110% with each one. Baby it.

3.      When are you trying to accomplish them?

You cannot write a bestselling book in a week. No matter how many books that tell you that you can, it’s not true. It takes time to create that bomb storyline. Give yourself plenty of time to accomplish and take into account your work, kidz, etc. An unexpected trip from work can happen, kidz are always getting sick, your partner or even yourself may get sick leaving you down for the count. And if you made a realistic timeframe and break it down so that you know when small parts are suppose to be finished as well as added a little cushion for just in case situations then you should be good. And if you get done earlier than expected and have a great product, well damnit you’re doin’ good!

Well there is a lot to think about. I told you that you need to be honest because this will not work if you are not.

Peace and Luv!


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