How To Stay on Top Of All Of Those Letters You Send Out

This post will be short. Excel has become my best friend within the last year. When I started sending out queries and synopsis’s along with finished manuscripts it was hella helpful because I didn’t send out my ish to the same agent and publishers.

It may seem time consuming but pencil it into the weekly itinerary I told you to do on the regular (shit changes so that’s why I said ‘pencil’). Do a detailed spreadsheet; for example:

–          Name of publisher

–          Contact info

–          Genre they represent/publish

–          Guidelines

–          Date you sent manuscript

–          Response

Put them all in order and make sure the info is correct especially agent/editor’s name (wouldn’t that be embarrassing if you got the name wrong of the editor? That’s like calling out someone else’s name while sexin’ – whew!). Another thing to be sure of is guidelines. Some publishers will expand their horizons or decrease it. Check the website before you send stuff out. Happy Excelling!

Peace and Luv!


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