My suggestions in this post is just that, my suggestions; I’m not God and will not pretend to be. That’s way too much responsibility for this bish. However I do think my ideas are damn good tho, so listen up.

Editing. The word is almost like a curse word. No one likes it except for editors which I don’t blame them cause I heard they make some decent money. How do you get thru this process somewhat smoothly and enjoy it? Seperate it! What the hell you talkin’ about Willis? After you’ve finished your first draft, put it to the side for a minute. When you come back focus on one thing; yes it’s hard especially for someone like me who I swear has ADHD but with much patience and determination, you will get it together. Do something like this:

2nd draft:  character building

3rd draft:  plot/setting

4th draft:  dialogue

5th draft:  spelling

See what I’m saying? This way you won’t miss something that maybe what make or break a potential book deal. Now get to writing!

Peace and Luv!


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