I Just Wanna F*#king Write!

I wanna just fuckin’ write! Yes I sound so much like a fuckin’ lady. Don’t tell my kidz I’m cussing. They be on they mama – ‘mama, mama you said the ‘s’ word. It’s supposed to be strawberries!’ Gotta luv ’em otherwise who will?

But for real I wanna write – that’s all. Lately I’ve been feelin’ some type of way as my girl Crystal would say and it’s not good. Call it PMS, bi-polar whatever but I’m a notch passed pissed off and let me tell you why. Since I’ve made the decision to publish my works under my newborn publishing company I’ve been hittin’ the ground running. Of course it’s a full time job to get something like this started especially with no help and no money and I will not lose *jaynodnow* but it just feels like I’m doing too much. All this info on how to market yourself thru all of these social networking sites. I swear I went to the bathroom and shitted out all of that stuff in the toilet.

I mean I get it, this is what’s goin’ on in order to get noticed but can I get a little luv? (I’m not beggin’, really I’m not so shut up!) For all of this hustlin’ that I am doing to get people to my site soemthing should of happened right? I’m constantly trying to reinvent myself and blog but I miss writing, I mean like really writing. I don’t write to write anymore, it’s all about business writing I haven’t had time to work on my novel ‘Four Seasons’ nor have I had time to edit my psychological thriller ‘Without Consent’.

Don’t suck your teeth and start playin’ an air violin, I see you. I said I was feelin’ some type of way! I’m entitled! I just feel stuck, stagnant, whatever you wanna call it. I don’t have any idea what my next step will be. I’m seeing people doing what I want to do am I’m trying to make a blazing trail too. I’ll get it together tho, bear with me pleaz and thank you.

Peace & Luv!


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