Whose Real, Whose Fake!

The main point of an agent is to get you, the writer, a nice book deal so both of you can make boo-coo money (cause remember they really don’t get paid until you get a deal) and you can go sit on Oprah on her last season. Well maybe not necessarily all of those things – so what’s a lil’ White Lie? (On sale now on Lulu.com!)

Agents can be so detrimental to a writer’s career, especially a new writer. All of these resourceful sites fill you up with how great they are and what they can do for you they only briefly go into what agents could do to screw you over. Here is what some crooked agents can possibly do to beginners, study closely now.

1.      Crooked agents will do whatever (like a tru street hustla) to get paid. Meaning they will charge you for reading each of your manuscripts, one of their editing services and getting copies of your manuscripts! (Your own ish!)

2.      Take on numerous amounts of clients to secure a consistent paycheck. What’s wrong with that? Well normally a lot of clients would mean a reputable business. Good money flowing in; however, think about it, the more clients under your agent’s belt the less attention you and your lil’ manuscript is going to get. They will look at you as a check, not a potential long term client/friend.

3.      Not a long lists of clients? Next! Maybe they’re new. New my ass. Even if a person is just starting out after working in an agency trust me some if not all of their clients will follow that agent. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof. Not getting the receptive response to show you their credentials? Next!

4.      Not on a list of reputable agents? I’d question. Not being on one doesn’t mean they are not legit, it means you have to dig a lil’ deeper into their credentials. But check out AAR for starters and to cover your ass. Oh and WGA; how can I forget about that one. It’s good if they are cause these groups require certain standards to follow.

5.      If they are going out of their way to advertise for new writers, you might wanna run Cletus! A lot of them are going to charge some pull out the ass fee.

6.      Don’t do flamboyant attention getters! Leave that to the drag queens. No Google paid ads or Craigslist requests. They don’t need it. They have enough on their plate.


Overwhelming uh? Let me throw a few more quick points at you. There are websites out there that promises you they will get your work to an agent by displaying some of your work making you think agents are chilling in a large leather plush chair tapping away trying to find the next big writer. Don’t expose yourself like that. Fake writers will easily pull your ish this way. Reputable agents can be checked. Websites like AgenQuery.com, Querytracker.com and AuthorAssist are good places to invest your time in.

Educate yourself and have fun!

Peace and Luv!


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