Whew my outlook on ish has changed for the better in these past 24 hours. All of that hate is damn near gone – I think. I told you before that I digress.

I realized something too. I’ve become like the boring ass blogs I click on regularly to study what they did to get the many followers they have; I’m not them nor do I wanna be them cause they are boring! How did they get followers? I know the majority of those followers probably clicked on the ‘follow’ icon because they thought the originator was going to go to their blog and discover them; similar to why people post YouTube videos. Gotta be. That’s what I’m gone assume because it can’t be due to interesting content.

Now I am not saying that my blog is the best and should be up in lights on Broadway. What I am saying is that the shit  I’ve been doing is boring and scripted. That’s why I can’t be a journalist under some other newsletter/newspaper other than my own because I have 1) a problem with authority and 2) a problem with writing something I have no passion in – period. I’m not gone be uninformative just not so blah, blah, blah. My usual smart azz self fell far away. Well I’m back bitches!

Peace & Luv!


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