Uh-oh here goes the race thing again!

Yep, I luv pushin’ buttons. Been doing that lately but people will be alright, stop wearing your hearts on your sleeve pleaz and thank you.

But the main reason for the title is if someone was to put 2 books in front of you, picture of author and its name covered, and told you to read them would you be able to tell if the writer is black or white? If you couldn’t tell, would tthat be offensive to the writer regardless of their race? Do you have a preference?

The way a lot of these ‘street lit’ writers write the answer to that question is evident. It does matter to them. Not all but the majority. Being both an avid reader and a writer I can say that not one writer has stumped me with their race. I don’t make it a point to intentionally care but every once in awhile I will think about it. No disrespect to any white writers but I think that black writers has a spiciness to their work, a certain genuine flava to the pages even tho they may not be trying to have it come out that way. I admire that if the imaginist does it right. Now don’t get me wrong, even some black writers cannot pull that spiciness off successfully. I mean they take studying other writers to another level! Studying and copying are not the same thang people.

Peace and luv


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