The Other Woman- Eric Jerome Dickey

We lost a great writer unexpectedly last year. It threw me off balance when i heard. It threw me even more off balance when i didn’t see a lot of coverage of him and his legacy. That saddens me. Not to alwayz put race in situations but would it have been the same if he was white? I don’t know but anyway.

I finished one of his early works ‘The Other Woman’ and my mouth is still hanging open. The ish was bananas if you haven’t read it please go do it. Mr. Dickey is extremely talented and was blessed with a golden pen along with an imaginative mind. This book proves that. It’s set up where the wife of one of the main couples is telling the story as it is happening. She starts with” I shouldn’t have been surprised when I met my husbands lover, but I was.” If that doesn’t catch your attention I don’t know what will. But the plot unravels with one lie tumbling after another from her husband then her. As a reader you feel this woman’s rawness as she goes thru the motions of being betrayed, feeling hurt, anger, violent and rageful. You will feel for her, then you won’t, then you will feel some type of way when she becomes the ‘other woman’. Something a lot of cheated on partners will understand regardless if we know that 2 wrongs will not make the situation right. (But it does feel good)

Mr. Dickey is very descriptive in all the right places and abrupt when needed. He gets to the point quick and weaves a much better plot than what the reader expects. Overall I loved it! To get a real taste of decent literacy work check this one out and r.i.p. Mr.EJD the writing world will miss you but will still immulate your wonderful work!

Peace& luv!


2 thoughts on “The Other Woman- Eric Jerome Dickey

  1. Ms.Tiptress says:

    I liked it. In the middle I got just a little upset b/c it seemed like he was going no where. But when He slapped with the end I was left dumbfounded. Didnt think it would go down like that..

    And I was furious, would have been nice to see “the good two” end up together..

    • Yes! That’s why I think he was a talented writer, he was able to switch ish up and do it perfectly! Sad we lost a great writer. Hopefully one day people will think of my work like that.

      Thanks for commenting on my blog

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