Thug Motivation- Monique D Mensah

I was scrolling thru my pretty phone today and I came across a writer by the name of Monique D Mensah. She just did a radio interview about her new novel Inside Rain. I listened to it over the internet and got geeked. I’m proud of her and I’ve never met the girl! It’s that black sisterhood/writer connect I guess. I decided to post about her in hopes to motivate you too. It’s hard out there for a pimp and every so often we writers get discouraged and question if what we are trying to accomplish is our right path. Then motivation comes around to make us grind harder and stay on our hustle. Today for me that was Ms. Monique.

She has written 2 books and the current one is a psychological thriller. She remains consistent on Facebook. She is getting mad buzz! I commend her and wish her much success with her career. Go on her website, post on her facebook then go buy the novel Inside Rain!

Peace& luv!


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