Does what you read reflect who you are?

Good question I think. Most people don’t think about what they read. However sit back and think, what was your last couple of books you’ve read? Was it erotica, street lit, thrillers, or chick lit? Or are you similar to me and read any and everything? I will read authors like Salman Rushdie to Sister Souljah and everything in between because I like to think of myself as a well rounded, open minded person. I also strongly believe that being open like that allows my writing to blossom and take me to a deeper level, allowing my readers to feel me better. Being black does not mean all of my work will be urban, hood and ghetto. I refuse to be put in that box. I have too many personalities to stick to one genre. My readers shouldn’t expect the same ish. Some may like that others will hate it.

So next time you pick up a book ask yourself if it is who you might be!

Peace and luv!


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